Oil,  Watercolour, Charcoal, Pencil

Bob Shackles

Living Form
  1. Deck 4
    Deck 4
    Watercolour: Private Collection
  2. Family 1927
    Family 1927
    Watercolour: Private Collection
  3.  4 Months
    4 Months
    Oil: Private Collection
  4. Swallow Hunting
    Swallow Hunting
    Watercolour: image 22x30,framed, $1500
  5. Stroke
    Oil: 17x48, $1500
  6. Swallow Mates
    Swallow Mates
    Watercolour on panel: 15x32, $850
  7. Sylvia
    Sepia: Private Collection
  8. Bird On a Nail
    Bird On a Nail
    Oil 36x48: $1500 Std Canvas
  9. What a Flower Sees
    What a Flower Sees
    Oil 48x72, framed, $3500
  10. Swallow 2
    Swallow 2
    Charcoal, 7x10, unframed, $250
  11. Swallow 3
    Swallow 3
    Charcoal, 7x10, unframed, $250
  12. Swallow 1
    Swallow 1
    Charcoal, 7x10, unframed, $250
  13. 4 Months Later
    4 Months Later
    Oil, 18x24, Private Collection
  14. Colour Study for Was
    Colour Study for Was
    12x16 oil on canva-paper, NFS
  15. The View from Here
    The View from Here
    Watercolour on stretched paper 16x20 NFS
  16. Caribou Crossing
    Caribou Crossing
    36x48, Oil on Linen, $4500
  17. The Waitress; Susie Q
    The Waitress; Susie Q
    Oil on Canvas 30x40, Private Collection
  18. Sylvia Sunny Days
    Sylvia Sunny Days
    Oil on Canvas 30x40, Private Collection
  19. Donelda and Gerry 2017
    Donelda and Gerry 2017
    Oil on Canvas, 36x48, Private Collection
  20. Grandad's Straw Hat
    Grandad's Straw Hat
    Oil on Canvas 24x30, Private Collection
  21. Clairese
    Charcoal on paper, Private Collection
  22. Robbie
    Watercolour 12x16 Study NFS
  23. Ethan WC Study
    Ethan WC Study
    Watercolour on Paper 12x16
  24. Nick WC Study
    Nick WC Study
    Watercolour on paper 12x16