Oil,  Watercolour, Charcoal, Pencil

Bob Shackles

Art by Robert H (Bob) Shackles
Living Form
Muskoka Chairs
Paint what you see but know how to paint.
 About the Artist

Bob is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC). He works in oil, charcoal and watercolour.
Artist Statement

“I am an artist and designer. I practice and share my craft. I continually work on the skills I need to make insightful statements and advance my ability to see. My style of painting allows the viewer to participate in the painting itself and imagine much. The overall design: colour, center of interest, values, gesture etc. are fixed before I start painting, but once I get going patterns emerge from my response to brush strokes and colour mixtures.”
Recent Exhibitions

  • CSPWC Open Water Juried Exhibitions in
  •            2007,2009,2011 Toronto, Etobicoke, Calgary
  • CSPWC Eastern Ontario Members Show 2012 Brockville
  • CSPWC Watermark Ontario Regional Juried Exhibition
  •            2015, Owen Sound
  • CSPWC Open Water 2015, International Juried Exhibition, Halifax
  • Wood and Water a Duet (Wood Turner and Painter) Exhibition 2015 Brockville Arts Center
  • IWS Mexico, 2016
  • CSPWC Water Reflections 2016, Juried Exhibition, Toronto
  • KGH Kidd Davies 1 Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Kingston, 2016

Exhibition Schedule 2017/2018

  • SCA International Online Juried Show, March April 2017
  • CSPWC Water Reflections Juried Show, April 2017, Owen Sound
  • Muskoka Chair OIl Sketches, oils and watercolour HangUps, August 2017
  • CSPWC Water Reflections, Owen Sound, 2017
  • CSPWC OpenWater Intl Juried Show, John B Aird Gallery Toronto, Sept 19-Oct 13, 2017
  • SCA Intl Juried Show, Toronto, Papermill Gallery, Sept 6-17, 2017
  • Wood and Water a Duet (Wood Turner and Painter) Exhibition December 2017 Brockville Arts Center
  • KGH Kidd 1 Davies Gallery, Kingston Jan/Feb 2018